Non - Woven Polyester Fabric

Non-woven Polyester fabric is made of 100% mixed of high polymer compounds and polyester filament fire polyester. Non-woven Polyester fabric made by physical bonding is a durable, high-strength, tear-resistant material. It is also used in various fields. High-density polyester can maintain the volume of polyester textiles while retaining the soft feel of nylon.

Non-woven Polyester fabric is often used as an industrial filter material in the industrial field; In the construction field, it is often used as a cement bag in civil engineering construction. It is also used to reinforce the embankment. In the medical and health field, it is often used to make surgical gowns, protective suits, and masks. It is also used in the agricultural field, such as plant coating, insulation cloth, weed-resistant sheets, and so on. And household areas, such as furniture linings, packaging materials, etc.

Superchen's Non-woven Polyester fabric is with low shrinkage, and good heat resistance and stability is an ideal high-performance material. In addition, spun-bonded polyester has other characteristics:
1. Stable elongation
2. High tensile strength
3. Good permeability and permeability
4. Good molding

Non-woven Polyester fabric can be treated by many fabric treatment options depending on the material. Below are some of them:

  • Durability and stability
  • Hydrophilic
  • The corrosion resistance
  • Anti-Bacterial And Anti-Microbial
  • Softness and flexibility
  • Anti-Static
  • Biodegradable

non woven polyesternon woven polyester

Is non woven polyester safe?

Non-woven polyester is generally considered safe. It is a synthetic fabric, so it does not breathe as well as natural fabrics such as cotton and linen. But the synthetic fabric is non-toxic, so it is often used in medical and industrial applications because it is strong, lightweight, and resistant to water, chemicals and wear.

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The Types of Polyester Woven Fabrics:

1. Spunbond Polyester woven Fabric

Spunbond Polyester Fabric is made of polyester fiber. Its durability, good air permeability, and mildew resistance characterize it. This is why it is often used in furniture, medical supplies, and protective clothing.

2. Needle Punch Polyester woven fabric

Needle Punch Polyester is a non-woven fabric made of various synthetic fibers stuck together with a needle. It is characterized by a very soft feel, easy dyeing, and very easy clean and maintain. It is often used to make clothes and other items.

3. Stitch Bond Polyester woven fabric

Stitch bond polyester woven fabric Stitch bond polyester woven fabric is a combination of polyester and traditional fabrics. It is a material formed by interweaving a grid pattern, which has a strong and durable character.