SSS/SSMMS Nonwoven Fabric

Basic Information

SSS nonwoven fabric is a spunbonded non-woven fabric that hot rolled by three layers of fiber webs.
SSMMS is a composite nonwoven fabric, it's composited of spunbond and meltblown.

SSS Application

  • Medical: disposable medical supplies, disposable sheet, surgical gown, protective clothing, operating cap, shoe cover, medical curtains, etc;

  • Textile: shopping bag, table cloth/wall cloth, furniture/springmattress/filter material, flower Packaging material, etc;

  • Agriculture: crop protection cloth, weeds barrier cloth, banana protective cloth, printed cloth, etc.
Material 100% polypropylene
Gram Weight 20-200gsm
Color White, other colors can be customized
Pattern Oval ,Diamond
Width 2400mm


SSMMS Application

  • Medical: surgical gown, protective clothing, sterilizer bag cloth, face mask, diaper, women's sanitary napkin;

  • Home decoration cloth: wall cloth, table cloth, sheet, bedspread, etc;

  • Garments cloth: lining, agglutinate line, batting, shaped cotton, all kinds of synthetic leather backing, etc;

  • Industrial cloth: filter material, insulating material, cement packing bag, geotextile, coated fabric, etc;

  • Agricultural cloth: crop protection cloth, seedraising cloth, irrigation cloth, thermal insulation curtain, etc;

  • Environmental protection material: environmental protection products such as filter nonwoven fabric, oil absorbent cloth, etc;

  • Insulation cloth, insulation materials and garment accessories;

  • Down-proof cloth prevent the down running inside the down jacket;

  • Other: space cotton, heat preservation, sound insulation materials.
Material Spunbonded + spunbonded + meltblown + meltblown + spunbonded 5 layers of spunbonded fabric composite
Gram Weight 10-100gsm
Color White, other colors can be customized
Pattern Oval ,Diamond
Width 2400mm


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