Needle Punching Method For Nonwoven

Definition of needle punched non woven fabric

Needle punch nonwoven, also known as needled nonwovens, are made by repeatedly piercing a web of polymerized fibers with a fine needle, so that the fibers in the web are connected together by the friction of the needle. Needled non-woven fabrics are mainly made of fiber carding nets composed of different polymers. Because acupuncture and fiber have the effect of mutual friction, so the structure of needled non-woven fabric has the characteristics of periodicity. Under the action of acupuncture, the fibers are reoriented from the surface of the mesh into the interior of the fabric, forming a column of fibers perpendicular to the plane.

What is acupuncture?

Needle punched is a physical form of bonding, in which the fibers of the fibrous web are punctured vertically through the arrangement of barbed needles to form a new periodic structure. Acupuncture can achieve high speed, high automation and high efficiency production mode by consuming less energy, which is one of the important non-woven fabric production technologies.

needle punched non woven fabricneedle punched

Needle Punching Method For Nonwoven

The needling method is performed by using a barbed needle to penetrate vertically through a mesh of fibers, snagging and winding the fiber bundle by rubbing and needling.

There are two basic steps of Needle Punching Method For Nonwoven:

  1. Feed the polyester mesh or pigtail into the needling machine. A mesh can usually be formed by combing, collecting, or airbrushing.
  2. The fiber net moves on the substrate through the conveyor belt, and when it reaches the position of the needle board, it is connected with the beam of the needling loom. After vertical needling, thousands of barbed needles on the needle board are carried out to make the fibers intertwine and bond with each other.