Ventilated Fabric

What is PP woven ventilated fabric?

PP woven Ventilated fabric, a relatively thin composite material fabric, mainly made of polypropylene fiber and polyester fiber woven, so it has excellent breathable performance and wear resistance. It is often used to make fine clothing or household items. Mesh fabric for ventilation is also used in outdoor clothing because of its waterproof properties. You can choose jackets and coats in 100% polyester outdoor fabric. Those who want a greener option can also opt for recycled polyester. Microfiber polyester fabrics for cleaning glass surfaces in the home are also available. There are also options for making curtains, sheets and tablecloths. There are specially made textures and patterns for each use.

What are advantages of ventilated fabric?

1. Reduce heat emission and moisture intrusion.
2. Comfortable touch.
3. Good wear resistance and long service life.

Uses of ventilated fabric

1. Ventilated fabric can be applied to household clothing, clothing manufacturing, footwear manufacturing and other industries. It can effectively eliminate moisture and reduce heat emission, so it has better thermal and waterproof effect. It is characterized by its structural features that allow efficient air flow between the fiber surface and the air, thus providing a cool and comfortable feeling. Ventilated fabric can effectively help the body to regulate body temperature, quickly evaporate sweat from the surface, reduce the retention of sweat on the surface, thus improving the comfort of the human body. In addition, the ventilated fabric can also effectively prevent allergies, inhibit bacterial reproduction and reduce the static electricity in the garment, so that people feel comfortable wearing the garment.

2. Home decoration: it can be used for furniture decoration, such as sofa, chair, bedspread, tablecloth, can let air flow, make indoor temperature and humidity more comfortable;

3.Sports goods: It can be used to make sports goods, such as knee pads, leg pads, protective clothing, etc., can effectively adjust the temperature and humidity, so that the exercisers keep comfortable in exercise.

Why choose to buy ventilated fabric?

There are many reasons to choose to buy ventilated fabric, because there are many advantages of ventilated fabric, and ventilated fabric is necessary in our daily life, first of all, when we choose ventilated fabric, there are many different types to choose. Usually we need to consider many factors, such as whether the need for flame retardant, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and other functions. In addition, also consider the quality of the fabric, including tensile strength, UV resistance and so on. Considering the above comprehensive factors, finally can determine the ventilation fabric suitable for their needs.

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