Non Woven Drainage Fabric in drainage system

What is Non Woven Drainage Fabric?

Non Woven Drainage Fabric is also non-woven geotextile. Both non woven geotextiles and woven geotextiles can be used as drainage landscape fabrics. However, different drainage landscape fabrics are selected according to different needs and goals of drainage landscape fabrics.

Non Woven Drainage Fabric is made by needling method, so that non woven geotextile has good permeability. Permeability is the main characteristic of Non Woven Drainage Fabric, so non woven geotextile is also the best choice for drainage application.

Non Woven Drainage Fabric in drainage system

Non Woven Geotextile Drainage Fabric in drain pipes

So what kind of situation needs to install drainage system? As an example, when the foundation next to your yard is higher than your yard. Water vapor will flow down the slope into your yard, and water will form if the drainage is not done properly. This is when the installation of a drainage system becomes indispensable. This drainage system is also known as the French drain pipe. The drain pipe with gravel as the fill, and non-woven geotextile drainage cloth as a protective fabric, placing dirt into the gravel fill.

Geotextile Landscape Fabrics: Non-Woven VS. Woven

Non-Woven: non-woven geotextile has very good permeability, so the drainage function is excellent, can exclude excess water in the area of high precipitation, so as to protect the soil and prevent soil moisture.

Woven:  woven geotextile is a strong cloth woven from materials such as linen and polyethylene. As a result, it is generally impermeable to water, and water flows very slowly on its surface. Therefore, it is very durable and ideal for use on roads, rocks and other surfaces.

Best Landscape Non Woven Drainage Fabric or What's The Best French Drain Fabric?

To use the most suitable landscape drainage fabric, it is necessary to understand the different types of landscape drainage fabric and their respective characteristics. At present, the two main types of landscape fabrics are woven geotextiles and non-woven geotextiles. They are suitable for different landscape uses. Woven landscape geotextiles are suitable for use in landscapes requiring stability, such as roads and paths. Its strength can provide stability and durability to the landscape. Nonwoven geotextiles have good permeability and are suitable for soil drainage. Can also act as a filter, applied to gravel or stone landscapes, and also play a role in preventing weed growth.

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Non Woven Geotextile Drainage FabricNon Woven Geotextile Drainage Fabric

What Is A French Drain?

A French Drain is a special drain that allows excess water from the soil to drain out easily. It works with natural water flow and does not use complex systems to drain water. An important step in the installation of the drain pipe is to wrap a layer of high-quality non-woven geotextile on its surface, which can prevent debris blocking the drainage channel.

Where Can I Find Geotextile Fabric For French Drain?

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